About Us
Vietnam and Africa share similar agro-ecological conditions yet Vietnam is a world's top exporter and Africa a top importer of rice and other agriculture commodities. It is our vision to change that.

GMX is a London-based, Africa-focused agribusiness adviser and developer. The firm's current focus is rice and other tropical crops with production expertise from Vietnam. GMX is a unique blend of consulting and practical operating experience in real projects in Africa. We have a track record on:

Feasibility studies/Business plans:
We have advised multinationals in investing in agribusiness in Africa and Asia. We have completed over 30 projects since 2011.

: We tested over 100 varieties in 8 locations across Africa

: We designed or executed irrigation projects in 7 locations in Africa

Production management
: We provided general and technical management on a turn-key basis of 3 of these projects.

Agtech: We are a pioneer of using drones and other remote sensing technologies in land selection, water engineering design and crop monitoring in Africa. Our work was recognised by the Alliance for Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA).